Christmas Countdown!

In early November, my daughter suggested that it would be fun to have 12 Snug Days of Christmas. I loved the idea and she even did some sample posts for me and suggested something for every day. The only decision to make was when. Do I go 1st to 12th December? 12th to 24th? Which 12 days? In the spirit of not overwhelming myself in an already busy December, I’ve decided on even days so it takes us nicely up to Christmas Eve. Perfect.

I don’t want to give too many spoilers because I hope it will be a fun thing for you to check in every couple of days to see what’s happening, but to give you something to go on, it will all be Snug in Iceland or Hideaway in Iceland themed and there will be giveaways, TikTok’s (not my idea), blog posts and even a bonus never-seen-before chapter!