Sneak Peek

2023 is going to be the most planned of my writing years to date. Releasing Snug in Iceland was a bit of an experiment for me to see whether Indie publishing was going to work and now I know it can, it means I need to be organised!

I will be releasing a third Iceland book in November 2023. The story is formulating itself as we speak and I’m really excited to start writing it down. My main character is probably going to be called Kate. She doesn’t know the rest of the gang from the first two books but we will definitely be finding out what they’re all up to and some of them will be making an appearance.

I’m also releasing the first two books in a new series which is set in a small town in Worcestershire. It’s a fictional place, but based around Malvern, so if you’re familiar with that area you’re sure to recognise some of the places. The first book, Secrets and Sparks in Croftwood Cinema, will be out in April 2023 and the sequel is a Christmas book and will be out in Autumn 2023. As a special Christmas treat, here is an excerpt of the first Croftwood book. Given that this is for 12 Snug Days of Christmas, I’d love it to be an except of the new Iceland book but I hope you will enjoy Croftwood while you wait for Iceland number three!