Snug in Iceland on Location

So firstly, it’s important to say that Snug in Iceland is a fiction book and with that in mind, some of the locations are made up. If they turn out to be your favourite location, I’m sorry that you won’t be able to visit but you’re not alone. My favourite made-up place was the barbecue lodge that Rachel visited just before the snowstorm. When I was writing, it was very vivid in my mind, as if I’d been there, so that’s good enough for me! Besides, I’m never going to try eating puffin.

The Ice Bar

Sadly, the Ice Bar in London is now closed for good (crying emoji). I visited a couple of times as it’s probably the closest to the Ice Hotel I’ll ever get, and I knew it had to feature in the book.

It really was cold but how amazing are those blocks of ice! Look at the patterns which are picked out by the blue light. And those little glasses are made of ice too so it’s just as well there were gloves provided.

The Blue Lagoon

Rachel’s first experience of Iceland is one of the best. Yes, the Blue Lagoon is quite touristy but that’s not to say it’s not brilliant and has to be on your list of places to go in Iceland. The contrast between the cold as you walk out to the pool edge and the absolute bliss of getting into the warm water is unbelievable and if it doesn’t make you groan with pleasure once you’re in, there’s something wrong with you.

There are lots of hot pools in Iceland and plenty of quieter ones which are easy to find out about online. The one where Rachel and Jonas go skinny-dipping is a good example of a natural one whereas the Secret Lagoon is somewhere in between that and the Blue Lagoon. These pools are my favourite thing about Iceland.

The Harpa

This is the concert hall by the harbour in Reykjavik. The first time we went the lights were playing across it every night, looking like the northern lights but the second time they were just on, which still looks cool but isn’t as magical. Here’s a video of it because a photo doesn’t do it justice.

And the inside is just as cool.

The Golden Circle

This is proper touristy but gives you a real sense of the country’s natural beauty and geological uniqueness. And the best view from a ladies toilet ever.

This is the Thingvellir National Park where the European and American tectonic plates meet.

And home to the Geysir, although this is Strokkur because that’s the one that erupts. This photo was taken just after it blew but it goes much higher than this!

Reykjavik Town

Rachel spends most of her time in town. The Snug shop is on a real street, Laugevegur, which runs from the top centre to the right in this photo. Jonas doesn’t live too far from here. This is the view from Hallgr√≠mskirkja. Look at how colourful the buildings are! I imagine Jonas and Gudrun live somewhere right amongst these houses. And this street is where the kntting shop is.

Even in January there were twinkly fairy lights everywhere. This is a garden right in the middle of town and inspired my idea of what Jonas’s house would be like.

And last but not least, this is the view from the town towards the sea. Behind us, just across the road is the town, a stone’s throw from this glorious view. How amazing are those mountains?

Looking through all these photos has made me desperate to visit again. I’d love to know if you have visited any of the places Rachel and Jonas went to. I think I will need to visit again to take photos of the places I put in the book but didn’t photograph last time! Noodle Bar here I come.